Check out latest ship flight-mode course/gates timed run at

latest browser-playable level

2015-01-27 09:06:54 by garcia1968

Check out the latest browser-playable level 'elbrus' details at the below link

steam greenlight

2014-12-24 20:29:40 by garcia1968

Vote 'yes' on steam to help get rangerfall greenlit/published on steam!



rangerfall canyon level

2014-12-07 02:40:11 by garcia1968

added rangerfall canyon level using elevation data from the US grand canyon - new ships and deployable turrets!

earlier mountain level


ShadowShot game/upcoming website

2011-07-03 09:32:20 by garcia1968
Updated i/ShadowShot

Help make upcoming versions of ShadowShot
better with your feedback or ideas/content

ShadowShot game/upcoming website